When you contract to build with Construction Done Well,

you are choosing someone who learned how to build homes in a time when Custom Home Builders were also Carpenters. They wore nail bags and had their hands involved in many aspects of the home building process. Kevin Cortese, Owner of Construction Done Well, has carried on that tradition and brings to the table over 21 years of expertise which also includes a degree in Construction Management from CSU. Kevin limits his builds to only a select number of homes per year. This allows him the opportunity to maintain a high level of quality control of each project since you are getting Kevin's full attention. Many other Northern Colorado home builders have unknown superintendents or just hire out every aspect of the job. Here at Construction Done Well, we believe in using subcontractors that we have built a long relationship with along with Kevin performing many of the tasks personally himself. Maximize your home build experience with pre-construction cost estimates during design development to help meet budget objectives and then evaluation of final working drawings for completeness and accuracy prior to final bidding.

Construction Done Well provides the most comprehensive and efficient construction management services in Northern Colorado. By providing this highly organized system that minimizes time required by clients, we can ensure our projects run smoothly and effectively. Kevin takes pride in keeping his homeowners constantly involved and values open communication so that you know what to expect each step of the way. Being on site daily ensures every detail that goes into your project is something you will be proud to call home. The end result is a custom home that excels in fine detailing, with unsurpassed quality and craftsmanship that is built on schedule and within your budget parameters. Contact Construction Done Well now to start the process early and get your spot in line so that you can experience a home building process done well!